We want to speak about the problem with the Steam Keys. Our Game Moonbase 332 was in many promotions (Giveaways etc.). The Problem is that many of the Keys will be sold on different Key Stores like G2A or Kinguin. We want to do something against it. We want to inform our Users and our Partners that we will ban all unused Keys for Moonbase 332. We will begin with it on 13.01.2017.

I bought the Game on a Key Store. Can I still use it?
You can use your Key until the 13.01.2017.

I bought this Game on DailyIndieGame or Groupees?
We will not ban bundles Keys 😉

I already used a Key. Can I still play this game?
We will only ban unused Keys. You can still play the Game if you already used your Key.

I got a Key in a Giveaway. Can I get a new Key?

Where can I still buy valid keys?
Here is a list of partner that already have new valid keys:
– KeyPunk.com
– indiegamestand.com
– itch.io

We try to keep this list updated!

I’m a Partner and I still want to use your Keys!
Please contact use to speak about more details.

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