Hi! Maybe you see this post because you tried to access my websites gptimes.de, keypunk.com and some subdomains of PatchNoteStudio (Moonbase 332, Dorbea and so on). Unfortunately they where some problems since the 2018-11-05. I already started to work on it but I can’t tell you when the websites are back online. On this Page you can check the current status.

Current Status LAST UPDATE (2018-12-19 – 1 PM UTC+2)

💚 = Everything is fine
💛 = still have some issues
❤ = not available

Website Status Comment
patchnotestudio.com 💚
maynlex.patchnotestudio.com 💚
gptimes.de 💚
keypunk.com 💚
dp1.patchnotestudio.com complete Webseite is not available atm
dorbea.patchnotestudio.com complete Webseite is not available atm
mb332.patchnotestudio.com 💚

A Hacker Attack?

If a web pages or service is not available anymore, then many users suspect a hacker attack. But I can assure you that this is a technical issue related to my web host.

I have another question! How can I contact you?

Contact me on Twitter or send me mail. Thanks!