About ZombLabs

Hey! My name is Marco and I’m a Software Developer from Germany. I started programming in 2011: Without studying and training, simply with the motivation to create my own game. Since then, my goal is to create cool digital stuff. I have already gained a lot of experience in WordPress (including PHP and JS) and in the .NET Framework (C# and vb.net)

My Work!


Iconclub is an app for graphic designers, UI/UX designers and basically anyone that’s in need for a well-designed, clean icon for their project.

Tech used

vb.net – c#.net – xamarin – Xcode – WordPress – PHP


On KeyPunk you can earn Coins and get Steam Keys! But KeyPunk is not just a simple shop. Users can collect coins by completing tasks and exchange them for Steam Keys. They also can buy Coins to get the Games that they want. Many of the users already earned enough coins to get Steam Keys without spending a cent! 

Tech used

WordPress – PHP – JavaScript – CoinHive – Cloudflare


ZombLabs is an action-packed horror survival FPS. Fight your way through an epic battle against endless waves of zombies. Get ready for a ridiculous amount of fun!

Tech used

vb.net – FPS Creator – Dark Basic – Gimp – Audacity – WordPress – PHP

Moonbase 332

Fun meets frustration. Hello and Welcome to Moonbase 332, The fast arcade first person shooter. Austria has been testing genetically-modified viruses on Moonbase 332 to be used as weapons. Your job is now there to clean up. Fight your way through the Moonbase 332.

Tech used

vb.net – FPS Creator – Dark Basic – Gimp – Audacity – WordPress – PHP


Dorbea is a first-person adventure/survival indie horror game. The game was developed in 7 days.

Tech used

FPS Creator – Dark Basic – Audacity – WordPress


gptimes.de is a German web magazine about video games.

Tech used

WordPress – PHP


Maynlex is a first-person open world adventure/survival indie horror game. I made this Game in 7 Days.

Tech used

GameGuru – Lua – Audacity

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