Hello, here is the eleventh monthly update for Moonbase 332! To bring you up to date of the development there is one major update per month.

Moonbase 332 is available on itch.ioDesura and now also on IndieGameStand. We want to make the game on many different paths available. We are therefore pleased to welcome a new partner.

Steam Greenlight

As announced in the last update, we are now on Steam Greenlight! Since Desura bankruptcy is we need a new platform. What will change?
If Moonbase 332 get greenlit then the following happens:

  • Release on Steam (obviously)
  • Each previous buyers will receive a Steam Key.
  • The game gets a decent update. (steam integration)
  • Steam Achievements
  • Trading Cards

We are very happy with the response, but we still need your support. Vote for the Game now:

To ensure the success of the Steam Greenlight campaign we have already contacted some of our partners. More information will follow.


The first reviews have arrived. Here are some quotes:

[…]Moonbase 332 does not take itself seriously, is fast, fun, and offers a lot of content. For a price of $ 5 dollars you can not complain.[…]

[…]Moonbase 332 is equal amounts of fun as it is frustration. Be warned. As they say on Moonbase 332: “Never forget to take chewing gum…”[…]

[…]Moonbase 332 goes back to the old run and gun fun that can be found in Doom and Unreal tournament. […]

Update 1.2

We are currently working on Update 1.2. This is the next big update. Planned are a number of bug fixes and some new features / improvements. What exactly? The choice is yours! We have started a survey. The two points with the most votes, we want to implement. Vote now

Here are 3 screenshots from the latest build:

game_2015-04-22_17-37-36 game_2015-05-18_14-56-16 game_2015-07-20_17-49-26