Hello, here is the twelfth monthly update for Moonbase 332! To bring you up to date of the development there is one major update per month. 

First, we would like to ask for your support again. We still need some votes to get greenlit. Vote now:

Moonbase 332 is an Arcade First Person Shooter by PatchNoteStudio. You play an old American exterminator. After a War between Germany and Austria in Year 2007, a base on the Moon was found. Austria has tested there some genetically modified Plagues to use it as a weapon. Your job is now there to clean up. Fight your way through the Moonbase 332.

In this update I want to talk about the Update 1.2. Planned are a number of bug fixes and some new features / improvements. What exactly? The choice was yours! We have started a survey. The two points with the most votes, we want to implement. The result is now there.


You want an improved option menu and an improved ranking system. While you read this, we are already working on it! We are also working on an improved AI. Update 1.2 should bring the best experience with the game to you. So far, the update is scheduled as “Steam Update”. This means that we prepare a Steamworks implementation (Achievements, Trading Cards, and more). We have already changed some things in the game world too, so the old savegames are no longer compatible. Who wants to use his old savegames should keep the current version.

Will Steam replace the DRM-free version?

Quite simply, No. Players who do not want to use Steam can also do this, but they can not use the Steamworks features. The Steamworks features are (obviously) exclusively for Steam users. Therefore, there will be two versions of the update. DRM-Free Version and Steam Version (if greenlit).

Will there be different rankings?

Yes and No. The new update will use an updated rankings system. The latest version of the system is 1.0.2. You can see the Version in the Highscore List. The new version will be rated higher and it should be easy to integrate the new Steam user into the system. There will still be only one Highscore List.

I hope you already looking forward to the update. Do not forget to support us on Greenlight. Vote here!

Here are 3 screenshots from the latest build:

screen demo_2015-02-20_21-05-52 dfgsdfhgfd