I use Desura for over half a year as a developer. Like everything has Desura advantages and disadvantages. Unfortunately, I have to say that I have much more negative experiences. I have listed them here.

Here are some Points:

Easy to Use

Desura decreases already a lot of work. Patches and further you can easily upload and publish. The page of the game you can also quite easy editing. Unfortunately, this also has its negative side. More on this later.


On Desura quite a few people are on the go. Degrees for unknown names so it is possible to build a community and to gather feedback. Unfortunately, this also has its negative side. More on this later.


Everything needed is listed but unfortunately the system is out of date. More on this later.


“Contact us”

I constantly feel that the developers are sold as stupid. It’s nice when something is easy, but there comes a point where you have to go about it also. Here is the limit. Okay, at some settings, you can already edit even more but for that you have to contact Desura. You yourself can not edit this.


Desura like to take their own initiative. “Der Professor” came out a week earlier than planned. Why? We do not know. This was not agreed with us and we have really got the panic. We did not know what to do. The game was released and we were not prepared for it. Quick came many comments why you can not log in, or why the servers are offline. The server should go online a week later (planned publication date). What can I say… Desura has destroyed us the most important day of a video game. Have we got a statement? Did we get an apology? NO!


Feedback / Reviews

The system works, but is still in need of improvement. The users can post reviews even though they have never played the game. Even if they do not own the game or only have the demo they can review. The user can simply writing a review without saying a word about it. But that does not help us, Desura! What is also missing is the information, which version the user use.


Wrong numbers

You can fake the statistics easily. But not only you, ALL CAN DO THIS!(even you!) The system is outdated as hell. Visits will be sold as visitors. The numbers are therefore much more larger, but that’s a lie. How many “unique users” it really is … I do not know.  Therefore, the “Most Popular” category is ridiculous. F5, F5, F5 and the game is Popular? Here’s a suggestion: Counts simply how often the game is played on the day. The game which is played on the day most is then the most popular. But does that then not like with your statistics. Counts how many users really have played it and not how many times it was launched.





The forum is great, but once you have added a category, you can not delete these also. Why?


The same also applies for the tutorial feature.

That’s enough for now!

That’s not a hate. It is a pokes. Instead of working on a new design, you should stabilize the skeletal structure first.


@Desura I hope you work on it. Let me know. You know my e-mail address.