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code_626_moon – What is behind the project name?

We are currently working on two new games. One of them is “code_626_moon” (project name, not final). But what is code_626_moon. Code_626_moon is a 2D RPG in a Cyberpunk world. We are currently in the planning phase. We will use Unity3d for this game. A multiplayer is not planned yet. We want to create a complete single player experience. We want to release the game on the following platforms: WiiU, OUYA, Windows, Linux, Mac. This project is financed by myself, Nintendo, the profits of Der Professor and donations. We are planning a development period of 2-3 years. Before asking for a Alpha or Beta: We hate Early Access! However, we are planning a closed beta. This will be limited but it will be available for free.

More will come.